What is YML?

What We Are

Simply put, YML is a makerspace for kids to explore and embrace an array of 21st century design and technology tools through a variety of Makers Clubs and workshops designed for all ages and interests.

What We Offer

YML offers an environment in which kids can delve into computer programming, electronics, video game creation, TV and video production, stop motion animation, 3D printing, laser printing, screen printing, and much more.

Why Kids Should Make Things with Us

Sometimes the most powerful learning takes place when kids mix creativity and technology to learn and build. At YML, kids write computer programs, design works of art and print them in 3D, build robots, tinker with machines and electronics, and create amazing things yet to be imagined. YML provides kids with the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills while building the kind of confidence that only comes with the challenge of designing and creating.

YML is partners with Digi-Camp, offering amazing 21st Century Camps!