Super Saturday Night

you deserve a night out!

On Saturday Night YML plans a fun night of creativity, Minecraft, Kerbal Space and Pizza for your kids!

Saturday Night is Your Night

Parents, you work hard all week! It's Saturday Night and you deserve some time for yourself!

YML has you covered! 

Drop off at 6:00 p.m. and pick up at 9:00 p.m. We'll handle everything from dinner to cool stuff for your kids to do!

3 hours of time for a nice dinner out with friends, a quiet walk on the beach, a movie, or just some time to dip your feet in the pool! 

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The Key is Choices!

We give your children the choice of playing Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, or working on one of our creative engineering projects!

The good news is they can choose to do all three by rotating stations! YML staff is there to support them, whichever direction they choose to go! Kids will have plenty of time, space and resources to make the evening fun and rewarding!

We feed your kids too!

We have everything handled!

We will feed your children pizza for dinner!

If your child has allergies or simply doesn't like pizza, you are welcome to pack some food for her/him - we have many families who do that.


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