Robotics Rule!

YML’s Robotics Teams are fun, creative, and coached by seasoned robotics coaches! We want kids to not only have fun building, tinkering with, and exploring robotics, but also to understand and appreciate the power of coding when it comes to robotics.

We have several levels of Robotics Teams for students of all interest and skill levels. 

Entry Level Teams

are intended for students who are interested in robotics, and possibly even have some experience in robotics, and are committed to meeting once a week to share their enthusiasm for robotics with like-minded students. The teams will compete in one or two local events. Click the button below to learn more about our Entry Level Teams.

Entry Level Teams

Highly Competitive Teams

are intended for students who have a more developed skillset and greater interest in robotics. Experience is preferred but not required. What is required is a higher level of commitment toward the team concept, robotics, programming and mechanical engineering. The schedule is more intense than our other teams. Click the buttons below to learn more about our Highly Competitive Teams.

Highly Competitive Elementary Teams   Highly Competitive Middle School Teams