Online Courses for Grades 3 to 6 – Fall 2020

are your kids ready for fun, connections, and 21st century skills?

We hold enrollment to only 5 students per online course, so your kids get the individual attention they deserve!
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Grades 3 & 4 and Grades 5 & 6

Register for our October Courses below. These classes meet online once per week for four weeks.

You choose either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as the meeting day.

Our curriculum is geared differently for each age group, taking into account skillset and maturity level. 

Programming with Scratch, Turtle Blocks and TinkerCad

In this course, your children will learn and practice computer programming skills in creating video games, art and music projects and a 3D printing project. Utilizing the world's most popular coding software package developed by the engineers in MIT's Media Lab.

Engineering Fun with Electronics and 3D Printing

In this course, your children will receive some materials via US Mail that we will use to teach and practice basic circuitry in an introduction to electronics. We will also create a project to send to our bank of 3D printers, which we will then mail to your children once the course is over. 

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Computer Programming

The Language of the 21st Century is Coding. Without at least a working knowledge of computer coding, our children are wholly disadvantaged.

Schools aren't getting it done

Schools are not only NOT teaching STEM and more specifically coding, but when they try most schools are getting it wrong.