Makers Clubs

Makers Clubs

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Maker Clubs are small, flexible groups of young makers with similar ages but each with their own skills and strengths. They will meet once a week to work on projects which may involve electronics, programming, 2d or 3d printing, digital production, carpentry, or most likely some combination of those things and others. We will take on projects that may last a day or a few weeks at at time.

Cooperation and communication are important parts of the YML experience. Kids learn and create best when working along with others, and while each young maker will complete their own projects, working with and learning from each other is part of our process. Each young maker will create a blog that they can use to keep their own own “Digital Portfolio” of their projects and how they created them. Now that universities like MIT are accepting portfolios like these as part of their application process, it is important to get kids journalling about what they make early!

Much like group music lessons or martial arts classes, parents can sign young makers up for a particular day or time based on the age that group is set up for. We are busy families too, so we understand that circumstances happen. If you are going to miss a club session for any reason, simply email or call to let us know. Your Maker can attend a make-up session during the week. All makers clubs have two sessions per week in order to give families options for make-ups.

Current Makers Clubs Fees in Boca Raton

Per four sessions
Grades K & 1 - $135
Grades 2 & 3 - $145
Grades 4 & 5 - $165
Grades 6 to 8 - $175

Current Makers Clubs Fees in Wellington

Per four sessions
Grades K & 1 - $120
Grades 2 & 3 - $130
Grades 4 & 5 - $150
Grades 6 to 8 - $160

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