Frequently Asked Questions


Are adults allowed to register? Can parents attend along with their kids?

Our workshops and spaces are designed for kids. We are here to supervise and assist all of our participants so that you don’t have to. We will invite parents in to check out what their kids have created at the end of each workshop, but the instruction and work part is for kids only.

We would love to offer workshops for adults, but YML is a kids only space so that we can focus on giving them the best experience possible. Kris and Mark would love to open an adult makerspace someday, stay tuned!

How “strict” are you with the ages posted for workshops?

The ages set for our workshops are set on our general experiences with kids and the kinds of projects we will be undertaking in the workshop. However, you know your kids better than we do! Please contact us if you want to sign up a younger participant than the workshop designates so we can explain to you the types of things we will be doing and decide together if the workshop is appropriate.

How large are the workshops?

Our workshops are designed to be for 6-8 participants. Once we reach 8 participants, we will close out the workshop, but will start a waiting list in case someone drops out, or in case we get enough participants to open a second workshop at the same time on that topic!

What ages are your workshops for?

Our workshops and workspaces are designed for kids and teens, ages 7-17. Each workshop will have age information attached to their description, some will be for specific ages while others will be for the entire range. We use our experiences teaching workshops like these to select age ranges so our participants will be challenged but not frustrated by what they are learning and making.

What is a “Membership”?

Our monthly and annual memberships give your kids access to our space, tools, and equipment (like 3d printers, laser cutter, electronics stations, etc…) at times when they are not taking a class from us.  If you are a member, you get a discount when signing up for workshops (generally $40 off our month-long workshops, more for longer workshops). Non-members are given access to the makerspace and the tools they are using as part of the workshop they are currently in for the duration of the workshop so they can come in and work outside of scheduled times.

We will give more details and pricing information when memberships open in September 2014.

What is your refund policy?

We limit the sizes of our workshops so that we can give the best possible experience to all of our participants. That means that we will likely turn customers away once the workshop is closed. Because of this, our refund policy on workshops you have signed up for and would like to cancel is:

  • 100% refund if cancelled 30 days or more before the workshop begins
  • 50% refund if cancelled 29-14 days before the workshop begins
  • A refund of the only the lab and equipment fees if cancelled less than 14 days before the workshop

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