Family Board Game Night

YML UNPLUGGED brings you


The Rules

1. Come with your children,
2. Come ready to have fun,
3. Play board games with your children and/or other families,
4. The night begins at 6 and ends at 9:00. You can join us at anytime during this window.
5. Pay what you think the night is worth.
6. Have fun!

Optional Rules

1. You can bring games if you like – YML has a wide range of games that you are welcome to play.
2. Register and pay for the night of your choice below.
3. The price you pay is up to you!
4. Enjoy pizza with us!


Q: What are the dates?
A: We have scheduled the event on the first Saturday of each month. The upcoming dates are listed below on the registration form.

Q: We can play board games at home.  Why would we go to YML for that?
A: YML adds the elements of social interaction with families & kids whom you may not know.  Also, who doesn’t love a night away from the house doing fun stuff with your family?

Q: Can I drop my kids and go?
A: Sorry, but that’s not an option. Our Saturday Night Minecraft Events are designed with that in mind, but the YML Unplugged Nights are a family event. Parents get to stay and have some fun!

Q: You call it YML Unplugged. Does that mean we won’t be using technology?
A: Our vision is that families will unplug and spend time interacting with each other and other families. We hope you will enjoy time together unconnected to your devices.

Q: Can we come and NOT eat pizza?
A: Of course! And you should pay what you think is fair in those cases.

Q: How do we pay for pizza?
A:  You will pay whatever you think you owe for the night. Please include what you think you would owe for pizza.

Q: Why do we need to pay anything if we are not eating?
A: We want to keep this event going for a long time. Your payment covers our costs, including staff, insurance, and the cost of the space. Additionally, we have invested a great deal of money into our game collection.

Q: Do we have to register, or can we simply show up?
A: We ask that you register below so that we can adequately plan for the evening. If you do show up and we have room, we will NEVER turn you away.