Testing has killed STEM in Schools!

With high stakes testing, STEM Education has become an afterthought in our schools. Your kids deserve more than just an occasional science demonstration.

Girls in STEM Education

There seems to be a great deal to be happy about when it comes to girls in STEM related education studies.  In fact, according to The National Girl's Collaborative Project, "Female students' achievement in mathematics and science is on par…

Robotics Rule!

YML's Robotics Teams are fun, creative, and coached by seasoned robotics coaches! We want kids to not only have fun building, tinkering with, and exploring robotics, but also to understand and appreciate the power of coding when it comes to…

Engineers Clubs

makerspace, engineering for kids

Our Engineers Clubs are like-aged kids who meet once a week to build, program, create, and share projects ranging from robotics to web pages and more. Below is the description of the types of projects our kids will be working…

A MakerSpace for Kids

Create your path to the future!

At Young Makers Lab you can learn computer programming, 3D design and printing, photography, Minecraft and so much more.

Solve Problems in Engineers Clubs

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Today, more than ever before, children need a solid STEM education.
An occasional visit to the Science or Tech lab isn’t doing anyone any good.